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Haunted Corn Maze Phoenix Glendale Arizona

AZ Field of Screams Haunted Corn Maze, Glendale - Phoenix

AZ Field of Screams is a haunted corn maze. Dare to enter this corn field planted over an old cemetery
-- watch out for the living dead --


  1. Closed rainy days
  2. No group discounts
  3. Not recommended for ages 10 & under
  4. Children under the ages of 15 must be accompanied by an adult (no refunds)

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Your walking through a quiet dark cornfield, anticipating every second danger is lurking around the next corner... you walk quietly and suddenly wonder if you are the only ones out there, where AM I? SHUUUUSHHH ... then a blood curdling scream in the distance reminding you ... they are out there ... waiting... for YOU ... it's not IF they will get you ... it's WHEN will they get you ... and your brain is screaming RUN! ... But where do you run? ..... They are waiting for you .....

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AZ Field of Screams Haunted Corn Maze, Glendale - Phoenix